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Weight loss is a job that requires dedication. It requires focus. It needs a routine. Following people who are working on weight reduction demonstrates this fact. When someone's life is steady and based on a routine, they are able to follow a pattern of healthy diet, daily physical activity, and control. It's been shown to improve weight loss when our dietary choices are limited also. This keeps us from making too many spontaneous choices.

Spontaneity can blow a diet. Make a daily plan and stick with it. I regularly see patients struggle when their routine is broken. Summer breaks and holiday breaks for kids from school can throw a weight loss plan into chaos if not planned for in advance. A vacation or business trip will upset the scales, if not planned for. We can face any change in routine as long as we recognize that it will be harder to stay focused and stay on the plan. When we face the changes head on we can prepare in advance.

Preparation is key to any weight loss program. The will and the time spent in preparation can make the routine transition a simple process. When taking a trip for any reason, prepping with take-along healthy snacks is a must. Figuring out how to get in your physical activity while traveling is crucial. Anyone can climb some hotel steps and most hotels have a work out facility. We just have to plan to schedule the time for the activity.

Every restaurant you eat at can provide you with a lean protein and vegetables for a meal. It's up to us to say no to the bread, pasta, and potatoes, and dessert. Sometimes when we travel, we shut off our healthy brain parts and revert back to old dangerous eating patterns. Keeping weight off when our daily routine changes is not only possible, but a requirement for long term weight maintenance.

So, think ahead, prepare well, keep your weight and health in front of mind, and next trip, holiday, vacation, family illness, or any routine-breaker, you will find yourself in as good a shape or better than before the routine changed.

You can do this. You can Live Lean, Live Long, and Live Life to the Fullest!

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