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Will these supplements make you lose weight?

All four of the supplements are effective tools to assist in the weight loss process.  Each one focuses on specific actions to enhance the body's ability to reduce hunger, fat burning, or fuel processing.  A reduced calorie diet and increase in physical activity remain necessary to drop the unwanted pounds.

Are these supplements habit forming?

None of the four weight reduction supplements are habit forming.  They contain no drugs and are all natural.

Are There Any Side-Effects of these supplements?

Since AppTame is a mild stimulant, a small number of users may experience some mild “jitters” at the beginning of use.  A mild feeling of increased energy can occur.  Rarely sleep issues or constipation will occur, but is a possibility.  A study has shown that this formulation did not increase heart rate.  AppTame should not be taken with Fat Burner.

Berberine has no specific or consistent side effects.  Occasionally mild gastrointestinal irritation may occur.

Thinergy which contains Garcinia Cambogia has very rare side-effects and ones reported include mild gastrointestinal irritation symptoms.

Fat Burner helps to increase metabolic rate and fuel burning.  It's most common side effects include mild stimulation, rare sleep issues, and mild gastrointestinal symptoms.  It should not be taken with AppTame.

Who Should Not Take these Supplements?

These supplements are not recommended for Children, Pregnant women, individuals with Uncontrolled High Blood Pressure, Individuals with active Heart Disease or Heart Rhythm Disturbances, and anyone with Glaucoma.  If a person is ill or undergoing active medical treatment or surgery for a disease process, they should consult their physician prior to use.

What is Proper Dosing of These Supplements?

AppTame is taken in the morning and a second dose can be taken in the afternoon 20-30 minutes before eating.

Berberine can be taken as 2 capsules in the morning 20-30 minutes before breakfast or one before breakfast and one before the evening meal.

Thinergy should be taken twice daily 20-30 minutes prior to a meal.

Fat Burner should be taken in the morning before breakfast and a second dose can be taken in the afternoon, but should not be taken after 4pm to avoid any sleep issues.

Consult the product label for specific details.

How Long Can I Take These Supplements?

As these Supplements are very safe, they can be taken until new habits of eating smaller portions and healthier foods is achieved.  If there is any significant change in health, they should be held until the health issue is resolved.  Berberine may be taken for life as it appears to have long term benefits beyond weight reduction.

Are There Any Interactions with Medications?

There are no known direct medication interactions, but if you currently take Amphetamines or other stimulants, any side-effects of those may be increased in combination with AppTame or Fat Burner.

As with any supplement, checking with your Doctor or Health Care Provider is recommended if you have any personal health concerns with weight loss or taking any of these supplements.

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