AppTame FAQ’s
How Long Does it Take AppTame to Work?

AppTame will take effect within about 30-40 minutes after ingestion.  It will last throughout the day and its effect should end before late evening.  It does not require a build-up in the body to be effective.  It works the day you take it and doesn’t work on days you don’t take it.

Is AppTame Habit Forming?

AppTame is not habit forming or addictive.

Are There Any Side-Effects to AppTame?

Since AppTame is a mild stimulant, a small number of users may experience some mild “jitters” at the beginning of use.  A mild feeling of increased energy can occur.  Rarely sleep issues or constipation will occur, but is a possibility.  A study has shown that this formulation did not increase heart rate.

Who Should Not Take AppTame?

AppTame is not recommended for Children, Pregnant women, individuals with Uncontrolled High Blood Pressure, Individuals with Heart Disease or Heart Rhythm Disturbances, and anyone with Glaucoma.  If a person is ill or undergoing active medical treatment or surgery for a disease process, they should not be taking AppTame.

Can I Take a Second Dose Daily?

AppTame is designed as a once daily supplement.  There are some individuals that may feel this dose is ineffective.  A second dose can be taken in the early afternoon, but be aware that the above listed side-effects may be increased.

When Should I Take AppTame?

AppTame should be taken within the first hour of awakening.  As individuals may have varying effects from AppTame, some may find taking it later works better for them.  If taken too late in the day, however, sleep may be disturbed.

How Long Can I Take AppTame?

As this Supplement is very safe, it can be taken until new habits of eating smaller portions and healthier foods is achieved.  If there is any significant change in health, it should be held until the health issue is resolved.

Are There Any Interactions with Medications?

There are no known direct medication interactions, but if you currently take Amphetamines or other stimulants, any side-effects of those may be increased in combination with AppTame.


As with any supplement, checking with your Doctor or Health Care Provider is recommended if you have any personal health concerns with weight loss or taking this appetite suppressant.