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Welcome to Doctor Select Supplements

Doctor Select Supplements are backed by over 30 years of research and development and are designed to assist with everything from the reduction of excess body fat to long-term weight maintenance, energy, and libido. Doctor Select supplements are not drugs, but rather a specific medical daily treatment without the nasty side effects. 

Have You Struggled to Consistently and Permanently Lose Weight?

Have You Tried Multiple Diets Without Long-term Success?

Do You Feel Like Your Body is No Longer Responding to a Diet?

Have You Lost the Energy and Focus to Stay on Track?

Do You Think Something is Wrong with You?

The Answer:  As we age, our Metabolism and Hormone Functions change, and not for the better.  Our ability to burn fat is slowed and our cells and tissues become less efficient at burning fuel.  This can be overcome with lifestyle adjustments in diet and activity, but often our body needs assistance.  The right supplement can be a positive tool to get our body moving in a better metabolic direction.  The Supplements below have been selected and used effectively in thousands of my patients in our weight loss clinics.  They are non-drug, and safe, and studies have demonstrated these ingredients have positive effects on weight reduction.  If you're tired of struggling to get leaner, give them a try.  What do you have to Lose?   Dr. Gregory Oliver
Our Supplements


                     Control Appetite*

Helps To:     Increase Energy*

                     Support Metabolism*




                     Aid Appetite Control*

Helps To:     Increase Weight Loss*

                     Energize Mood*


                    Support Weight Loss*

Helps To:     Support Immune Function*

                     Burn Sugar and Fats*



                 Boost Energy*

Helps To:     Increase Strength*

                 Convert Fat to Fuel*          

About Us

Dr. Oliver is a practicing family physician in Indianapolis, Indiana who has a passion for preventive healthcare. He focuses on weight reduction, metabolic, and hormonal optimization and has specialized training in Bariatrics and Age- Management Medicine. He graduated from Indiana University and received his medical degree from Midwestern University, Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine. He is board-certified in family medicine with 38 years of experience assisting patients to live life to the fullest. For supplements offered on, he consults with two experienced doctoral pharmacists that practice in both traditional and compounding pharmacies.

Between the food, and the appetite suppressant, I feel in control and have no desire to sabotage my diet. I feel great and have to remind myself to eat. I finally feel in control.
Melanie F.
Submitted 09/23/20
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