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Welcome to Doctor
Select Supplements

Supplements offered on this site are selected by a practicing Family Physician with advanced training in Bariatrics and Hormone Therapy. Dr. Gregory Oliver has focused on Preventive Healthcare and Weight Loss Issues for 30 plus years. These non-drug supplements are designed by him and created to be tools to assist with excess body fat loss and long term weight maintenance.

Our Supplements


                     Control Appetite*

Helps To:     Increase Energy*

                     Support Metabolism*




                     Aid Appetite Control*

Helps To:     Increase Weight Loss*

                     Energize Mood*


                    Support Weight Loss*

Helps To:     Support Immune Function*

                     Burn Sugar and Fats*



                 Boost Energy*

Helps To:     Increase Strength*

                 Convert Fat to Fuel*          

When to Use Each Supplement

APPTAME:     This should be used when the primary focus is Appetite Control and Energy.*

BERBERINE:   This is used to improve fuel processing.  Berberine causes enhanced fat and glucose burning

                    efficiency.  This has a similar effect to the prescription Metformin.  It should be used 


THINERGY:    This can be used to promote weight loss and improve mood during dieting.*

FAT BURNER: This assists the body to improve fat conversion to fuel and to increase energy and stamina.*

APPTAME and FAT BURNER should NOT be used together.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure,    or prevent any disease